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Family Nutritionist

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Jill Bucaro, your instructor, is an Integrative Health Practitioner. She is a Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine through the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Here’s what you will learn in this course…

  • Common challenges & obstacles
  • Creating a list of meals that share ingredients
  • How to prep for the week
  •  Batch cooking
  • Calculating waste
  • How to use high quality ingredients and still be cost effective
  • Cost savings of cooking at home

Common struggles for parents

  • We don’t give kids enough credit for what they will try/eat
  • We inadvertently set up healthy food to be the bad guy
  • Junk food is everywhere
  • We don’t make the connection between food and health
  • We are not always good role models

Start by finding healthier versions of foods they already like. Slowly add in fruits, veggies and other nutrient packed foods.

  • The best way to sneak veggies in
  • Slowly eliminate the junkier foods
  • Ingredients to avoid
  • How to get kids in the kitchen
  • Recipe eBook best practices
  • Customizing recipes
  • Why we should get kids in the kitchen
  • How kids can help in the kitchen
  • Build a Bowl breakdown
  • Weekly Meal Plan review

What you will learn:

  • The importance of pH in health
  • pH patterns and what they mean to you                           
  • pH balancing eating strategies
  • Supplements to support balancing pH

What you will learn:

The course teaches on the importance of enzymes in nutrition their classifications

  • Sources of Enzymes within the body systems and their activity
  • Using Enzymes in an interactive wellness plan
  • Digestive vs proteolytic enzyme therapy

A useful course concerning the art of muscle testing for dietary and nutritional needs.

Includes Muscle testing for optimal wellness, procedures before starting the muscle test assessment, how to muscle test, anatomical testing points, things to know, testing kits and supplements, complementary assessment and therapy tools.

What will you learn:

  • The biblical connection with MRT
  • 10 life applications for MRT
  • Science based theory of MRT / Kinesiology
  • 6 kinds of MRT and when to use them
  • The history of the Pendulum and Dowsing
  • How to use a pendulum and dowsing methods
  • Test points on the body and how to integrate into your practice or at home
  • 3 techniques to support a person balanced Polarity
  • 5 stages of a Nutrient Deficiency and why that matters
  • What can interfere with MRT/Kinesiology
  • What is the Question to state…not ask.

What you will learn:

  • The Emotional components of Cravings and how to help yourself and clients with this issue.
  • The Nutrient deficiencies that contribute to cravings in a handy pdf printout as a reference material.
  • Chocoholic assessment and WHY does that matter.
  • What organ systems are involved in carbs and salts cravings?? And HOW to remedy the issues.

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Video Modules and Client Ready Handouts

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