Short Course Collections, Certifications, and Specialty Designations For the Natural Health Professional

Spring Allergies Collection

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(3 credit hours)

What will you learn:

  • Medical concepts integrated with holistic views
  • Bronchial remedy DIY using kitchen staples
  • Botanical remedies that work for acute care and long term care plans
  • The Most common Etiologies for the Respiratory system
  • TCM integration with mushroom therapy and ginseng differences that could mean the difference between results or damage.
  • Psychology implicated in respiratory dis-ease

(4 credit hours)

What will you learn:

  • Nutritional Solutions for Food Sensitivities and Intolerances
  • At Home “Sensitivity” testing at your fingertips
  • Etiology that includes the Immune system response and the Gut microbiome
  • How antibodies are made in our Adaptive Immune System and WHY you need to know
  • Discover how Seasonal allergies are tied to Liver, the Spring Organ and Lung, the Fall Organ and Lung and the solutions for these seasonal allergies

(3 credit hours)

What will you learn:

  • Anatomy of the throat and how this plays a role in childhood syndromes
  • Essential oils, throat soothing recipes, gargling, lemons and more solutions for self care
  • How to manage acute care symptoms for upper respiratory infections, strep throat, sore throats and then remove the long term impact of these possible reoccurring issues
  • Finding the connection between tonsils, hormones, lymphatics system and the emotional contributing factors

(2 credit hours)

What will you learn:

  • All the organ systems involved in Sinus issues
  • How to determine the underlying cause of sinuses; inflammation, infections, congestion
  • Acupuncture/ Acupressure -HOW to use these therapies for instant relief and chronic care uses
  • Remedies, Recipes and solutions for underlying and acute care issues… homeopathic, essential oils, homemade kitchen recipes, and much more

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