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Digestive Mini Collection

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(4 credit hours)

Join us as we detail the TOP Functional GI issues seen in our practices on a weekly basis. We discuss the causal impact and co-morbidity syndromes that come alongside GI stress.

We further train you on:

  • What impacts digestive competency?
  • The Gut-Brain connection and Transit time tools​
  • Human Microbiome project and the genetic mutations discovered
  • The 5 gut types according to Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Remedies, protocols and repair techniques to ensure optimal health

(4 credit hours)

What you will learn:

  • This course teaches on the importance of enzymes in nutrition their classifications
  • Sources of Enzymes within the body systems and their activity
  • Using Enzymes in an interactive wellness plan
  • Digestive vs proteolytic enzyme therapy
  • Optimal pH range for breakdown of substrates

Note: Request CEU Certificate in Cart – Includes Emailed Completion Certificate (Add $27)

Video Modules and Client Ready Handouts

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I have been with Academy Epic from the start. It has been a fantastic journey! Unlearning the bad habits is so difficult but worth it. Learning to trust my God given talents and gifts is continuously challenging to push my EGO aside and stop “shoulding” on myself. Academy Epic has been a cornerstone to bringing me to this point.
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When listening to our trainings I find myself thinking two things consistently. 1. So grateful my path crossed Academy EPIC’s to be in this place right now. 2. Damn! Angie knows so much about so much!
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