Short Course Collections, Certifications, and Specialty Designations For the Natural Health Professional

Family Winter Collection

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(3 credit hours)

Cover your mouth and join our Nurse Practitioner Debbie Evans as she discusses how to determine based on symptoms if it is a cold, the viral time frames or is it influenza.

We discuss “snot” colors and clinically how to determine when this matters.

Angie Ates- our founder- talks about how to use grandma’s remedies of Radishes, cloves and thyme to create your own homemade cough remedy.

This is a fun interactive module filled with loads of ‘clinical” pearls and remedies to support those findings.

(3 credit hours)

What will you learn:

  • LDL/HDL and fractionated ranges- The physiology of how and why we need it
  • 80/20 cholesterol creation rule and liver involvement and WHY that matters to you
  • Biochemical process of the conversion of carbohydrates and how that interrelates with Triglycerides and cholesterol impact.
  • Lifestyle adjustments, Nutritional support, Supplements (homeopathics and more) and Emotional relationships , OH MY!

(2 credit hours)

What will you learn:

  • How to determine if it is a Virus or Bacteria in nature and WHY does that matter.
  • How to support the immune system during “candy” season and just what is that anyway.
  • Learn the steps that the medical profession uses to determine type of flu and HOW they create the vaccines for the next year….very interesting.
  • When to refer out and utilize the medical profession for “stronger” care if needed.
  • Acute care remedies and therapies that are in your kitchen.
  • And prevention… prevention… prevention is the key

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